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This is what Secucloud stands for

Security-as-a-Service on an industrial grade for ISPs, TELCOs and Managed Service Provider

Secucloud is a fast growing, high technology company. The Germany-based company is specialized on technology partnerships with ISPs, TELCOs and Managed Service Provider with a focus on high security, flexibility and adaptability. With the unprecedented scalability in their Elastic Cloud Security System ECS2 Secucloud opens the $35 billion security market for ISPs, TELCOS and IoT vendors as well as Managed Service Provider.

Providing technology to customers like Vodafone or Deutsche Telekom, Secucloud makes an effective entry to an increasingly globalized market of nearly half a billion users.

There are enormous transformation in the field of IT security: Consumerization of the enterprise (BYOD), the acceptance of cloud computing, the crucial importance of mobile devices and the growing number of IoT devices leading in a new generation of threats. The hazardous potential of these threats is much higher today than it has ever been before. Secucloud’s innovative cloud security platform ECS2 enables businesses to face these threats securely on all IP-based devices.

Our Mission

secucloud has made it its mission to brace society against the growing threats that originate on the internet in a reliable and affordable manner.  Innovative technology can lead to innovative dangers and demand innovative IT security. secucloud protects private households and small and medium sized businesses in a manner in which only major corporations are usually protected – however doing so flexibly, affordably and without compromise at the highest level. 


secucloud with its innovative solution aspires towards becoming the frontrunner taking the lead in the IT security market revolution. With its ongoing developments and innovations that incorporate the latest technologies secucloud also ensures that progress will continue to be made in the future. Thanks to secucloud,  the daily fear of security loopholes and attacks will soon be a thing of the past.

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