Mobile Security

Security anywhere and on the move

The ECS2, a cloud-based IT security system, filters your entire data stream on your mobile end devices both at home and on the move – independent of the operating system and depending on the provider does so even without the installation of extra software or apps.


Protection of all devices and your privacy

The internet has already captured all areas of one’s private life. Daily use meanwhile goes way beyond shopping or online banking – the Internet of Things integrates web-enabled television sets, gaming consoles, Bluray players, door locking devices, heating and even fridges in our households.


Cutting-edge protection against all risks

The Internet has opened up the opportunity to many small and medium-sized companies to compete with large corporations on the international market as well. However when it comes to the area of IT security such companies are often left standing due to lacking resources.


Global Networks need an extended protection to face the new challenges

The development of cloud computing as well as the Internet of Things is changing the IT landscape more significantly than any innovation in the past 20 years. Resources are being transformed in the direction of an innovative structure and method of operation.

Elastic Cloud Security System



Microsoft has opened a Transparency Center offering European governments a look at its source code and to access important security information in a secure environment:

Thursday, 11.06.2015


With the Internet of Things businesses will soon be faced with new enormous risks:

Thursday, 04.06.2015


Hackers broke into Starbucks Payment App and stole customers money directly from their bank and PayPal accounts:

Thursday, 28.05.2015


Computer Security Expert claims to have connected his computer to United-Airlines Plane and was able to take over the Aircraft Control:

Thursday, 21.05.2015


Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas reports a malware attack allowed hackers to steal credit card information used at its retail and service locations:

Wednesday, 13.05.2015


CloudSense wants to connect every devices with the internet and can let you know if you left your garage door open, if your appliance is on or off and how much water you’re using. With these developments, the Data-Security should play a major role:

Friday, 08.05.2015

Google’s Malaysian site has been hacked and replaced with a splash screen giving credit to a group called “Team Madleets".

Wednesday, 15.04.2015

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